Former Buccaneers Jeff Petry Jersey Kids , Jaguars and Chiefs defensive tackle Roy Miller says he will retire from the NFL rather than try to return after serving a six-game suspension for a domestic violence allegation.

Although Miller did not address any of the specifics of his wife’s accusations, he released a statement on Instagram saying that she wants to ruin his career.

“I am officially retiring from the NFL,” Miller wrote. “Unfortunately my ex is trying everything she can to ruin any opportunity for me to work for my kids. This has caused me much pain. had some interest [from] teams but until the divorce goes through I can’t even contemplate putting a team through the drama.”

The Chiefs cut Miller in November after he was arrested for domestic battery, and he hasn’t played in the NFL since. Last week his estranged wife sought a restraining order against him after saying he ripped the handle off her car door during a dispute over custody of their children.

The NHL is an incredibly different league than junior and college hockey. As a result of this Colton Parayko Jersey , many players simply cannot make the jump to become star players like they were before. Because of the intensity of the NHL, many top junior players end up becoming busts because they cannot adjust to it. Yet, with some young players, many definitely are good enough to have substantial and success careers Womens Jordan Reed Jersey , but the teams they are on are simply terrible fits for them. That is why NHL fans often see massive trades involving some of the game鈥檚 best younger players. At the end of the day, there is no way to pinpoint the potential of NHL prospects until they make it to the league.

With that said, in this article we will be looking at eight NHL players who cannot be saved and eight more who simply need to play for a new team. Every name on this list was once considered a top notch prospect and some even have reached this status. However, the eight players who cannot be saved have already proven to the NHL that they are definite busts , even after many chances with some. Yet, these specific players simply could not produce at a professional level. The NHL is always changing because there are plethora of young players who are ready to secure spots that are lost. That is the main reason why these players have no chance of redeeming themselves.

Nonetheless, let鈥檚 look at the eight young players who can鈥檛 be saved and eight more who simply need a new team!

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