Something really weird happened to me on my current play-through - so I have about 10-15 planets, 2 food producing planets (2 balanced), about 4-5 ocean and the rest mining. I've had my food at fairly constant positive 25K-ish. Then, I found a 3rd food producing planet, so I colonized it and figured id make it agrarian (strictly food producing to sponsor my expansionism). As soon as I did this, my food production plummeted to negative 30-40K and very soon my 25 million food reserves disappeared. I couldn't build farms fast enough on all 3 planets to compensate skyrocketing baby-boom. so question is, what gives? Does suddenly the planet management AI considers potential food output of the planet and starts increasing pop on mining planets? Im in the early stages of the game - just researched heavy ion cannon, I think im like 100-150 years in after the start.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Compliance Management Example

Thank you.