We had a thread about this early on, but I'm seeing more and more posts about this on Facebook– particularly from winemakers. The criticism is that many restaurants around the U.S. proudly use only the most local ingredients they can reasonably source, yet import their wines.Is this a double standard? I don't think so. There are obvious, measurable differences in quality between an heirloom tomato grown in season, in the next town, and an under-ripe hothouse tomato flown in from a different hemisphere in the dead of winter. Wine is not a primary agricultural product in the same way, and its quality is NOT directly related to the vines' proximity to the restaurant's cellar. To me, "local only" makes the most sense when the product is better because it's grown nearby. Like farm fresh eggs, or perfectly ripe, perfectly perfect Hood strawberries that you remove from the pint as soon as you get home lest they turn to goo under their collective weight.
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