On September 28th, Bon Appétit held their annual “Eat Local Day” at Collins. I have always viewed this event as a step in the right direction towards environmentally sustainable food production. However, the more I involve myself in the issue, the more I realize that eating locally is not necessarily the elixir to this problem, despite Bon Appétit’s good intentions. Consider a hypothetical situation in which every Californian became a full-fledged ‘locavore,’ eating produce only grown within 100 miles of his or her home. Each person would shop solely at farmer’s markets and exclusively eat seasonal produce; giant conventional farms would be replaced by smaller family operations; massive supermarkets would be rendered obsolete. Locavores would rejoice at this scenario, claiming that the world had been saved. Realistically, though, the locavore’s dream would render California a barren dessert, with no more water to sustain its 30 million people.

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